Counting to 10:

PowerPoint quiz counting up to 10 falling leaves.

Autumn Counting to 10.pptx

Autumn co-ordinates:

Can you work out the autumn words? Find letters following co-ordinate directions to complete the list (.pdf)

Halloween Sorting:

Halloween worksheet activities including counting, sorting, tick chart, bar chart and Venn diagrams (.pdf)

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Counting to 10:

Worksheet involving counting up to 10 (.pdf)

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Halloween Counting.pdf

This worksheet and matching pairs card game could be used alongside the above PowerPoint activity (.pdf)


Counting to 10:

autumncoordinates.pdf Y1 EY Y1 Y1


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A tried & tested popular counting game. Enjoyed by pupils and teachers alike!

The Gruffalo Autumn Nature Trail
Falling Leaves 1, 2, 3: An Autumn Counting Book
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