Even Steven and Odd Todd is a great book to introduce the concept of odd and even numbers. A few suggestions for games are included at the end of the story.

Click on the links below for further worksheet activities that would work alongside this book.

Odd and Even Numbers Activity:

Count the objects and decide whether to give them to Odd Todd or Even Steven.

This links to an activity on TES.com:

Odd and Even Numbers Mazes

Follow the paths of odd and even numbers to navigate your way through the mazes.

Even Steven and Odd Todd.

Even Steven and Odd Todd.pdf

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Walter’s Wonderful Web.

Walter’s Wonderful Web is a lovely way to introduce common 2D shapes through story.

Click on the link below for dot-to-dot activities that could work alongside this book.

Dot-to-Dot Activity

Join the dots to make common 2D shapes.

Walter's Wonderful Web.pdf #WWW