Data Handling Resources

Tally Chart:

Sorting and interpreting data:

Count and sort:

Make your own block graph:

Interactive tally chart:

Sorting animals worksheet activity. Can be used alongside this animals block graph (.pdf)


Favourite drinks tally chart (.ppt) which can be used with this worksheet (.pdf)

Worksheet activity sorting pictures into red, blue, green and yellow groups. A block graph with questions is also included. (.pdf) This links to a resource at TES.

Interactive whiteboard activity (.doc)

make your own block graph.doc Interactive tally chart.doc

Interactive whiteboard activity (.doc)

Y1 Y2 EY Y2 Y2 Y2 tally favourite drinks2017.pptx Back to Home page ice cream flavours2.notebook

Picture graphs:

Class or group whiteboard activity - pictograms, tally charts and questions (.notebook)


Data game:

Learn about tables, charts, graphs, frequency and more with this maths data game from ‘’

Resource favourite ice cream flavours2017.pdf

Favourite ice creams:


Worksheet activity - carry out a survey and answer questions about the results.

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Tally Chart:


Favourite fruit tally chart (.ppt) which can be used with this worksheet (.pdf)

Handling Data: Key Stage 1 (Impact Maths)
Shape Posting Game
Learning Resources Farmer's Market Colour Sorting Set
tally favourite fruit.pptx

Tally Charts and Bar Charts:

A collection of worksheets using tally charts and bar charts (.pdf) This links to a resource at