Secondary Maths Worksheets

Here are a few ‘introduction to topic’ worksheets. Each worksheet has scaffolded notes followed by a number of questions.

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The Cosine Rule
Box Plots
Simplifying and Rationalising
Expanding Brackets
Other topics covered:

Surds – simplifying and rationalising
Indices rules including negative and fractional
Calculating with fractions
Product of prime factors
Standard form
Percentage change
Simple and Compound interest
Error intervals
Accuracy: Lower and upper bounds
Recurring decimals
Ratio and Proportion
Reverse percentages
Calculating speed, distance, time
HCF & LCM using Venn diagrams

Expanding brackets
Factorising quadratic equations
Solving linear equations
Solving quadratic equations
Quadratic equations – completing the square
The quadratic formula
Solving simultaneous equations
Quadratic graphs
Parallel and perpendicular lines
Linear sequence and nth term
Non-linear sequence and nth term

Geometry and Measures
Area of a triangle
Area of a circle
- triangles
- polygons
- parallel lines
Trigonometry ratios
Sine and cosine rule

Probability and Statistics
Box plots
Cumulative frequency

Calculating mean from a frequency table

Using a cumulative frequency graph

Plotting cumulative frequency graphs

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