Age 11 - 14

Angles in triangles:

Worksheets - calculating missing angles in triangles.

Naming angles:

Worksheet - identifying acute, obtuse and right-angles.

Angles on a straight line1.pdf

Straight line angles:

Worksheets - calculating missing angles on a straight line.

Angles in quadrilaterals:

Worksheet - calculating missing angles in quadrilaterals.



Worksheet using the trigonometry ratio to calculate missing angles. This links to a product in




Practice estimating angles with this fun geometry game from mathplayground. It’s not as easy as it looks.


Worksheet using the trigonometry ratio to calculate missing angles. (.pdf)



Check your calculations with this trigonometry ratios calculator.

This links to a product in


Using A Protractor:

Worksheet - A quick homework worksheet to practise measuring angles using a protractor.

Pythagoras’ Theorem

Worksheet using Pythagoras’ formula to calculate the value of missing lengths of right-angled triangles.

Try this Pythagoras Funfair Activity on TpT.

Click on the image below.

#pythagoras coordinatesshapes1.pdf

Co-ordinates - Shape:

Use your knowledge of co-ordinates to plot points and join together to make common 2D shapes.

Angles - review sheets:

A sample of worksheets covering different angle rules. This links to a resource at TES.


Watch this video from BBC Bitesize showing how to solve Pythagorean theorem problems in 3D shapes.

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Angle Properties. Maths Educational Wall Chart

Click the images to view.

Pass Your GCSE Maths: Angles and Triangles.

Mean, Median,

Mode & Range:

PowerPoint providing definitions and a multiple choice quiz.

Mean, Median,

Mode & Range:

A selection of worksheets asking students to find the mean, median, mode and range of sets of data (.pdf)

7 numbers from 1 to 10

Choose the worksheets from the options below:

Mean, Median & Range:

7 numbers from 10 to 100

10 numbers from 1 to 10

10 numbers from 1 to 100


A dice probability task sheet (.pdf)

Tally & Bar Charts:

A worksheet activity creating tally and bar charts before answering questions about the results (.pdf)


A probability worksheet activity(.pdf)


Tree Diagrams:

Calculate probabilities using tree diagrams(.pdf)

tree diagrams.pdf

The circumference & area of a circle:

Complete tables and draw plot straight line graphs with this activity. This links to a free resource at TPT.

Scaffolded notes with examples and problems. This links to a free resource at TPT.

Linear Graphs:


Can you break the code with this trigonometry ratios activity? Calculate the value of the marked angles using trigonometry ratios before cracking the code.

This links to a product in Etsy.