Balance Scales:

Heavy and Light card game:

Longer or Shorter?:


Measure Resources

Balance Scales worksheet:

balance scales worksheet2017.pdf balancescales2017.pdf Heavy and Light card game.docx longer than shorter than2017.pdf

Worksheet that can be used for display work (.pdf)

Activity to consolidate knowledge of weight vocabulary - heavier, lighter, same weight (.pdf)

Group or individual activity that uses length vocabulary (.pdf)

Game that can be used with a choice of scales depending on ability (.pdf)

Y1 EY Y1

Reading scales on a measuring jug - 100ml intervals (.pdf)


Measuring Capacity2017.pdf Y2 Y1 Y1 Y1 Measuring Length.pdf

Measuring length:

Use a ruler to measure the lengths of different lines (pdf)



Reading scales - measure the weight of different fruit and vegetables(.pdf)

reading scales resource.pdf
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Reading Scales.


Learn to read scales with this resource. Scales are marked in 50g intervals. Laminate and use marker pens for a re-useable resource. Both colour and black and white versions are included.

Perimeter & Area:

Calculate the perimeter and area of different shapes. (pdf)

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Start Maths: Measuring Book 1
Creative Educational 0247 "Let's Measure" Game
Learning Resources Primary Timers - Set of 6

Using a thermometer:

Learn to read scales with this resource. Scales are marked in 2°C intervals. (pdf)

World City Temperatures:

Reading scales activity - marking world city temperatures onto a thermometer scale. Negative temperatures are included. (pdf)

Recipes & Ratios:

A worksheet activity adapting recipes to make different numbers of servings. This links to a resource at TES.