Multiplication Tables Check
In preparation for the Multiplication Tables Check (MTC), here are a selection of multiplication activities that you may find useful.
The activities on this page use mixed multiplication questions. If you would like to focus on specific times tables first, take a look at the number page where you will find further activities.
12 x 12 Multiplication Grid
Use these 10 daily multiplication questions at the start of each numeracy lesson.  Just click on the image above for a copy of the worksheets. For a full academic  year’s set of 10 daily questions please visit my shop here at Etsy.
Click on the image for a printable copy of the grid.
25 Multiplication Questions
Here are 3 sets of 25 multiplication questions that fit the criteria for the MTC. Also included is a blank copy for you to create your own multiplication questions. Click on the image for a printable copy of the worksheets.
Interactive Whiteboard Activity
Multiplication Tables Checkonscreentestatm24thMay.pptx
Click on the image to access the PowerPoint activity.
This whiteboard activity acts as the MTC on screen test would, in that 25 random multiplication questions are shown. Each question appears for 6 seconds before a 3 second break until the next question.
Here is a blank answer sheet. Print as many as you need according to the number of pupils in your group or class. The next update will be 3rd June 2024.
Multiplication Games
 Zap! is a great game that can be used for any maths facts including multiplication  tables. All you need is a set of wooden craft lolly sticks which you can source from  a local craft shop or here:
(affiliate link)

 Just write whichever multiplication questions you would like at the end of each  lolly stick. Save a few (dependent on how many players/lolly sticks you are using -  it’s up to you!). On the blank lolly sticks write the word ZAP!
Natural coloured wooden lolly sticks
You can choose a winner in 2 ways
- play a timed game where the winner is the player with the most lolly sticks when  the time is up.
- the winner can be the first to collect 5,10 lolly sticks.
  Again, that’s up to you!
1) Each player takes it in turns to pick a lolly stick from the container. If they  answer the multiplication question correctly they keep the lolly stick. If not, the  question is returned to the container.
2) If a lolly stick is chosen with the word ZAP! the player loses all the lolly sticks  they have collected which must then be returned to the container.
That’s it! Good luck and enjoy!
Enjoy a game of multiplication bingo covering all times tables up to and including  12 x 12.
Multiplication Bingo
Click on the image to download a resource available in my store at Teachers Pay Teachers.

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