1 more than:

Number word match:

Interactive whiteboard activity (.notebook)

Worksheet involving counting up to 10. (.pdf)

Interactive whiteboard starter activity (.notebook) There are also worksheets that could be used alongside this activity. Click here. (.pdf)

1more.notebook numberwordmatch1-5.notebook 2more.notebook numberline.notebook counting up to 5in the sea.notebook

Counting to 5:

2 more than:

Interactive whiteboard starter activity (.notebook)

More than/ less than:

Interactive whiteboard resource using a number line to work out 1 more/less than and 2 more/less than (.notebook)   

Class or group whiteboard activity. Flash cards to match to the pictures found at the end of the activity. (.notebook)

EY Y1 Y1 Y1 Y1 EY EY



Number Words:

Whiteboard and worksheet activity.

Number Words.pptx Y1 ordering.pdf

Number Ordering:


1 - 20 number cards and 2 ordering number worksheets.

Counting Activities:

A collection of toy-themed counting activities (.pdf)

This links to a resource at teacherspayteachers.com


Number bonds:

Using ‘counters’ on the whiteboard to consolidate learning number bonds to 10 (.notebook). This worksheet could be used alongside the activity.


Counting in 2s:

10s bingo:

counting in 2s.pptx 10s bingo.pptx

Counting in 10s. Use of matching, multiplication sums and multiplication vocabulary on this powerpoint activity.

10s bingo cards

Counting pairs powerpoint activity. Follow up 2 times table activities.



Whiteboard presentation introducing doubles of numbers (up to double 10).

Click this link for a fun online doubles game.

Y1 Y1 Y1

Odd & Even Numbers:

Two worksheet maze activities (.pdf)

This links to a resource at TES.


Hundred Square:

Hundred square2017.pdf

100 square worksheet - can be used for various activities. Colour the numbers Worksheet 1, Worksheet 2 (.pdf)

Click on this link to play a fun 100 square game.

Place Value worksheet2017.pdf

Place value:

Worksheets to introduce and consolidate knowledge of place value (.pdf)

Number Words & Place Value:

A PowerPoint presentation looking at the place value and number words of 2-digit numbers. These worksheets can be used alongside the activity:

Worksheet 1    Worksheet 2

Number Words & Place Value.pptx Y2 Y2 Y2 Y1 Y1 Website 

Number Words & Place Value:

Worksheet activities looking at the place value and number words of 2-digit numbers.

This links to a resource at TpT.


Greater Than or Less Than Game:


Place Value worksheet games to compare numbers using < and > signs. A 2-digit, 3-digit and 4-digit game is included. This links to a resource at TES.

Number Of The Daywebsite.pdf

Number Of The Day Worksheet

Place Value worksheet which can be used with any number from 10 to 99 (.pdf)


3 placevalue

Number worksheets, games and activities!



A PowerPoint activity estimating with numbers 1 - 10 and 11-20

Adding 3 single digit numbers

Help Robot Ralph add 3 single digit numbers using a number line. Totals up to 20.

Skip Counting in 2s, 3s and 5s

Steer the rocket through the stars to reach its planet skip counting in 2s, 3s and 5s along the way!

skip counting2023.pdf adding3numbers.pdf
Click the images to view.
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