Common 2D shapes:

Shape & Space Resources

Guess the shape (2D):

Shape Bingo:

Worksheet - identifying common 2D shapes (.pdf)

Whiteboard shape reveal game (.notebook). This worksheet can be used with the game.

guess the shape.notebook Common 2D shapes2017.pdf

Fun game to consolidate knowledge of common 2D shapes (.pdf)

Shape card game:

I have/who has…? game using common 2D shapes (.pdf)

Tria Pe nt are ngle

Shape properties:

Game matching shape names to descriptions of their properties (.notebook)

Y1 Y2 Y1 Y1 Y1 EY shapebingocards2017.pdf ihavewhohasshape.pdf

Common 3D shapes:

3D shape building:

Common 3D shapes2017.pdf

Whiteboard or worksheet activity - matching objects to common 3D shapes (.pdf)


Whiteboard activity -  building, matching, naming and labelling 3D shapes (.notebook)

Y1 Y1

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Colour the grids to make symmetrical pictures (.pdf)

Here is a link to a great symmetry matching game from topmarks that can be used on computers, tablets or an interactive whiteboard.


Naming angles:

Worksheet - identifying acute, obtuse and right-angles. (.pdf)


Co-ordinates - Shape:

Use your knowledge of co-ordinates to plot points and join together to make common 2D shapes. (.pdf)

Y4 Y4


Worksheet - translate different shapes up, down, left and right. (.pdf)

translations.pdf Y4

Common 3D Shape Nets:

The nets of three common 3D shapes:

  - cube

  - cuboid

  - square-based pyramid

3DShapeNets.pdf Y3


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Learning Resources Primary Shapes Template Set.

Orchard Toys Shape Snap.

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2D Shape Games

Match real life objects to 2D shapes. Also included is a shape bingo game. (.pdf)

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Here is a link to some maths games from Tutor Bot to help develop students’ maths skills.