Elapsed Time:

Six worksheets focusing on 1 hour earlier and 1 hour later than various given o’clock and half past times . (.pdf)

Elapsed Time:

Worksheet to consolidate knowledge of calculating time elapsed when given a start and end time. An answer sheet is also included. This links to a free maths resource at tes.com


Elapsed Time:

Six worksheets focusing on half an hour earlier and half an hour later than various given o’clock and half past times . (.pdf)


A 2024 calendar which can be printed. A blank space is left empty at the side of each month for students to add their own pictures.  (2024 calendar).

Using a calendar: Worksheet  questions that can be used with any calendar.


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Telling the Time (Wipe Clean Workbooks)
Orchard Toys Tell the Time
Toys of Wood Oxford Wooden Shape Sorting Clock / Wooden Clock with Numbers and Shapes Sorting Blocks

Time Chart: How many seconds in a minute or minutes in an hour? Find out here! Colour and black and white version available. (.pdf)


The 24 hour clock:

Worksheets using the 24 hour clock. One worksheet uses o’clock times.

One worksheet uses mixed times. Answers are included.

A school year 2022-2023 calendar which can be printed or adapted using the interactive whiteboard. This activity is ready to print and use in class here.

2022-2023 Calendar.pdf

Time Resources

2024 Calendar.pdf