Build A Snowman:

Worksheet activity.  Roll the dice to build your snowman. The first to complete is the winner. Counting to 6. (.pdf)

BuildASnowman.pdf Christmasaddition.pdf

Christmas Addition:

Powerpoint multiple choice game counting the snowmen on the screen.

Counting to 10:

Worksheet activity.  Solve the addition problems before working out the Christmas words. Addition problems with totals below 30. (.pdf)

Christmas Shopping:

Worksheet activity.  Buy Christmas presents with a set budget. This worksheet can be edited so that budgets and prices can be changed (.doc)

Y1 Y2 EY Y1 Counting to 10snowmen.pptx

Christmas Sudoku:


4x4 and 5x5 grid Sudoku activities. (.pdf)


Christmas Sudoku:

A 9x9 grid Sudoku activitiy (.pdf)

For the answers click here.

Christmas Shopping: £ version

Worksheet activity.  Use your algebra skills to calculate the cost of each toy. (.pdf)

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Christmas Shopping: $version

Follow this link to to see how much time is left until Christmas day!

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